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Prayer Breakfast 2014

On the final day marking National Week of Prayer in Trinidad and Tobago, over 200 parishioners gathered on Saturday 1st February at the Cascadia Hotel Ballroom, St. Anns for good food and great fellowship giving all praise and honour to God at our Prayer Breakfast. The theme chosen for this Event by the Parish Priest, Rev. Lyris Bailey was Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds…your heavenly Father feeds them”.


After being physically filled, the formal proceedings began with praise and worship led by the Marian Helpers, opening prayer by Patricia Worrell-De Freitas followed by the scripture reading done by Anika Smart. Our two guest speakers, Fr. Ashton Gomez and Bishop Calvin Bess, delivered what was certainly food for thought.


Father Ashton Gomez shared on three (3) key points related to the Theme for the day. He encouraged us to observe the birds and their lifestyle, and note that 1. They are free….free to fly wherever they wish; but within reason based on their skill and design. 2. They provide for their young/family, and they would do anything to protect them. 3. They perform their duties, be it singing, reproducing young ones, etc. And when they cease to perform, they fail to exist. Fr. Gomez encouraged us to learn a lot about life by observing these seemingly little creatures. For if God so cares about and provides for the birds imagine how much more He cares and provided for us.


Bishop Calvin Bess continued with the good news of observing God’s creation and forced us to look as low as our feet to the ants, how hard working yet amazingly productive and dedicated they are. It just seemed like God’s entire creation spoke of His provision and care for humankind. Bishop Bess further encouraged us to simply trust that God will do what He says He will do in our lives. And not trust only when things are going good in our lives but to trust against the odds and amidst the storms in our lives.


Throughout the morning, patrons were serenaded by musical performances by Mr. Orville Roach. Ms. Esther Springer gave the vote of thanks where special mention was made to Canon Branche and family for the generous contribution to the fundraising event. Patrons from all over the Anglican Diocese and visitors who supported this event, left enriched and nourished physically, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise…..with much food for thought and proof of faith to share with fellow brothers & sisters in Christ that God still provides.

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