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Vacation Bible School 2018

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018

VBS ran from Monday 6th August to Friday 10th August, 2018

With Presentation day on Sunday 12th August, 2018 at Church…7:30am


  1. To provide opportunities for the spiritual and social development of children of the community of Belmont.
  2. To provide enjoyable experiences for children to learn about the beautiful twin island state in which they live.
  3. To share the message of Love, in its various Forms with children and Parents.


The St. Margaret’s Anglican Church VBS will consist of children in the following age groups.

  • Juniors : 5 years – 8 years
  • Seniors : 9 years – 12 years

Theme for Vacation Bible School 2018 was….. “Beloved let us Love one Another, for Love is for God and whoever loves is born of God and Knows God.” 1 John 4:7-10.

  • Day 1 – Agape Love – God’s Agape Love for you
  • Day 2 – Philos Love – Brotherly Love – The Good Samaritan
  • Day 3 – Agape – Philos – Eros Love
  • Day 4 – Wrapped up in Love – Preparation of Piece to be shared at church
  • Day 5 – Love God’s Creation – Field Trip
  • Day 6- Attendance at Church was on Sunday 12th August where the children showcased their Talent &what they learnt during VBS. They were well received by the Congregation and Parents had nothing but praise and commendations for the Teachers, Youth and Parish Priest who helped to make this week long Programme possible.

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